Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shake It v 1.0 (Full Version)

Dear All,

Shake it game is very simple to play. All you have to do is to shake your mobile untill cola can pops out. More and more you shake, the empty bar on the right side will be filled accordingly as shown in the screenshots.

You get different awards based on the time you spend to fill the empty bar i.e. your can pops up, if you take more time to fill the bar, you get different award. If you get less time to fill the empty bar, you get different award.You have to shake fast to fill the bar in short time, the moment it will be filled, the game will end with your time, your best time and your award will be shown on the screen.Shake it game v 1.0 is developed by Zensis Ltd. The game’s background sound is really cool and will bring excitement while playing this game.Game Shake It! Supporting accelerator.

For more info please refer screenshots.

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Rajan Singh