Monday, October 08, 2012

How To Merge Audio With Video

Dear All,

1. First you have to download a software named "MKVTOOLNIX v 5.8.0",Click Here to download the same.

2. After that install the software on your pc,After installation run the application,Which will look like this below.

3. Click on add and first select the video file you want to merge the audio with,after that again click on add and then select the hindi audio file that you have downloaded from this website.

4. There are certain Option's which you can select please find their description below.
  • Track Name : Enter the track name. For eg.If you select the hindi audio in "Tracks,Chapters And tags" then you can enter here as "Hindi" So when you play the Video file and when you select audio tracks It will be mentioned there as "Hindi" or whatever you have mentioned.
  • Default Track Flag : There are 3 options in this "Default,Yes,No" , If you select "Default" then the audio file will be played as default,You can either select Hindi or English,Whichever you want to play by default.
  • There are also other option's which are not important but you can do your rnd on that if you want.
5. After that Click on browse on bottom of the software and select the location where you want the output file,After that simply click "START MUXING"

6. It will hardly take 1-2 minutes for the process to complete.

7. Once the process is complete,VIOLA you are ready to watch your movie in hindi.

NOTE : Once you have completed the process the video file will be converted to MKV format.

For any kind of help or requests please feel free to mail me at

Rajan Singh