Saturday, October 13, 2012

BlueSoleil v

Dear All,

BlueSoleil is a windows pc based application that is used to transfer data (like images,video and other stuffs) from pc to phone or vice versa,with the help of bluetooth so you dont have to connect the phone via usb,just one click and your data is transferred,Most of the Symbian softwares that requires pc connectivity dont work properly if this software is not installed,That's why its necessary to have this software.

NOTE : you must have Bluetooth dongle(i.e Bluetooth device) in your pc,for this software to function.

Installation Instructions
  1. Download and Extract the application (Download link given below),Goto folder "BlueSoleil v" and run "setup",Install the application "BlueSoleil v" and make sure you don't restart the pc when asked after installation.
  2. Now goto "Crack" folder and copy both the files in that folder,and then copy and replace them with the original file in the default installation directory(which should be C:\Program Files\IVT Corporation\BlueSoleil)
  3. Now restart the pc and enjoy the application with full version.


Just Click on the download icon below,A new window will open,On Right top corner of the window there will be an icon named "SKIP THIS AD" just click on it and you will find your file to download,Just click on it and download.ENJOY !!!

For any type of help or request please feel free to mail me at

Rajan Singh