Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mobileways Remote Professional v 3.01.040211

Dear All,

Use this amazing software and connect(Via bluetooth or usb) your mobile to pc & use your phone via pc completely as you use your phone normally,Take screenshots or record screen for a particular time,send messages and lots of other things.

Features :
  • Display the phone’s screen on a desktop/notebook monitor or beamer in real-time.
  • Control the phone via the PC keyboard and mouse.
  • Control a touch-screen enabled S60 5th Edition phone via the PC mouse.
  • Connect multiple phones at the same time.
  • Make a video ( screencast ) from the phone’s screen.
  • Create high quality screenshots in native color resolution ( lossless! )
  • Save screenshots in PNG, BMP or JPEG
  • Supports USB and Bluetooth connections
  • Totally control your phone via pc.
How to connect and use this software :

1. There are 3 software's that needs to be installed, 
  • Mobileways Remote Professional v 3.01.040211 For Pc, 
  • Mobileways Remote Professional v 3.01.040211 For Symbian Smartphone &  
  • BlueSoleil v for PC (To Connect Via Bluetooth) Links for the same are given below.
2. Download,Install and run the application Mobileways Remote Professional v 3.01.040211 For Pc,which should look like below.

3. Now i will show you how to connect your phone to pc via bluetooth using this software.

4. Now,Download,Install and run the application BlueSoleil v for PC (Please click here to see how to install this application on your pc and convert it to full version for free)

5. Make sure BlueSoleil v is turned on,And pair your Symbian Smartphone with it,Now Check My Device Properties in BlueSoleil v for pc and check under "Serial Ports" and note the incoming ports and their numbers.
6. Now on Mobileways Remote Professional v 3.01.040211 For Pc,click on FILE and then click on SETUP,a pop up will appear asking you to select PORT , Check first box and select the serial port that you saw in step 5 above,If there were multiple ports then select the second check box and select them also.

7. As soon as you select the ports save them and now your Mobileways Remote Professional v 3.01.040211 For Pc will look like below.

8. In my case the com port was 9,It can be any number in your case,Also make sure the check box under status in always checked,now you will see in the above image its shows as "LISTENING" means its waiting for the Symbian Smartphone to get connected.

9. Now Install and run the Symbian Smartphone application.

NOTE : You need to have your symbian smartphone hacked inorder to install Mobileways Remote Professional v 3.01.040211 For Symbian Smartphone to hack the same please Click Here

10. Now goto "options"-->"connect via Bluetooth"  and select your Symbian Smartphone Bluetooth.

11. As soon as you select your Symbian Smartphone Bluetooth You can then see your smart phone screen on your PC...DONE...ENJOY.

NOTE : To connect via usb follow the same procedure as above.


Just Click on the download link below,A new window will open,On Right top corner of the window there will be an icon named "SKIP THIS AD" just click on it and you will find your file to download,Just click on it and download.ENJOY !!!

For any kind of help please feel free to mail me at

Rajan Singh