Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dr.Jukka's Profile Scheduler v 1.15 (Full Version)

Dear All,

With Profile scheduler you can automate your profile changing with timer, so you can enjoy your good night sleep being off-line without disturbing phone calls, and be back on-line automatically even before you actually wake up.

Note that when you are flying, they do say that you need to shut down your phone, Profile scheduler does not work when the device is off, but if you just turn your device off-line, the scheduler might turn the profile on again, thus if you don't want to turn your device on while flying, do remember to turn the profile scheduling off.

Profile Scheduler is a Profile scheduler application that allows automated profile changing with timer scheduling. Designed for S60 OS 9.1 Symbian smartphones, and tested only with Nokia S60 devices. This version should work with All S60 3rd & 5th edition devices, including Nokia 5800.

For more info please refer screenshots.

For any kind of help please feel free to mail me at rajansingh@gmx.com
Rajan Singh


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