Saturday, December 10, 2011

Secure Me v 1.3.0

Dear All,

Secure Me is an anti-theft ,data security & protection application for smartphones devices.The application can automatically lock down,and prevent usage,send location details,hide,password protect or delete data you choose,either automatically  on SIM change or remotely via SMS commands.You can even listen into the theif,get reports of calls made or sms's sent and much more.Secure Me runs completely hidden,is password protected and can optionally utilize uninstalltion protection .SecureMe will satisfy all your mobile security and privacy needs!

Note :

1) This software runs totally in the back ground and has no icon when you finish the installion to access the software you just have to dial 5555( by default you change it later ) and press the call button the software will open.
2) Please read the user manual to understand this softwares command and other features properly.

Click here to download.

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Rajan Singh


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