Thursday, March 08, 2012

Linefarmer's Nock It v 1.0 (Full Version)

Dear All,

Nock It is a simple app which is useful for your daily use!

It allows you to use your phone like a notebook in blackboard style. Write, sketch and erase. With unlimited number of pages.

Features :

1) Green black board as the background.
2) A white chalk for drawing some sketches or writing your daily notes.
3) A sponge for erasing.
4) Add new page.
5) Share your drawing to friends over the channels set up on your mobile phone or send it via e-mail.
6) Delete complete page.
7) Switch between the pages in your collection.
8) Displays the date and time of creation.
9) The pages are sorted by this date/time.
10) Shows the most recent page at startup.

NOTE : If asked to install QT please Click Here to download the same.


Just Click on the download icon below,A new window will open,On Right top corner of the window there will be an icon named "SKIP THIS AD" just click on it and you will find your file to download,Just click on it and download.ENJOY !!!

For more info please refer screenshots.

For any kind of help please feel free to mail me at

Rajan Singh