Sunday, March 04, 2012

Resco Bubbles v 1.31 (Full Version)

Dear All,

Resco Bubbles is an action puzzle game where the idea is to clear the grid of bubbles in order to advance to the next level. You are given a sequence of bubbles, which should be quickly and efficiently popped. Numerous explosive, speed-up, slow-down and damage bubbles keep the game play exciting and challenging.

  • Select a level to play, or adjust the options.
  • Different surface means different difficulty.
  • In advanced levels you get also "enemy" bubbles Or a path that you shouldn't touch.
  • When the bomb explodes, the shockwave throws the bubble away when it's near.
  • When the level is cleared, you can proceed to the next level, or make a better time.
NOTE : If asked to install QT please Click Here to download the same.


Just Click on the download icon below,A new window will open,On Right top corner of the window there will be an icon named "SKIP THIS AD" just click on it and you will find your file to download,Just click on it and download.ENJOY !!!

For more info please refer screenshots.

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Rajan Singh